The Rickman Metisse Mk5 range of Great British motorcycles.

Manufactured and assembled by hand in the Carswell workshops, the Rickman Metisse Mk5 is truly unique amongst British motorcycles. Traditional British craftsmen take the raw materials at Carswell and cut, form and braze them to create the highest quality components that are then carefully assembled in the same workshop.

Quality cannot be achieved in haste with each motorcycle taking six weeks to create to your specific requirements. Every single part on the Rickman Metisse Mk5 is made to order to ensure the highest standard of engineering.

The bespoke detail of the Rickman Metisse Mk5 starts when you first visit. The personal greeting is just the beginning of the one-to-one service that we offer throughout. The riding position is measured like a Saville row suit so that your first test ride gives a true taste of the riding experience. From the options list that reads like a fine gourmet menu you get to choose your individual specification and colours. Only when you are truly satisfied with your selection will your motorcycle start to be created.

At the final handover, we present you with your special build portfolio in a fine leather owner’s wallet, giving images of your motorcycle during its creation, along with your motorcycle documents and bespoke specification list. This leaves you with a reminder that your motorcycle is truly a one of a kind, among the finest handcrafted motorcycles to take to the road.

This bike is only available in the US and Australia, it is not available for sale or delivery in the UK.

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