As seen in the 'Man From U.N.C.L.E' movie

When the directors of the Man From Uncle wanted an iconic motorcycle for Kuryakin there was only one choice – The Metisse Mk3 Scrambler.

Based upon the race-winning pedigree Mk3 Metisse Scrambler, the Metisse Hammer motorcycle has been adapted to the film requirements. The iconic looks of the Mk3 Metisse are further enhanced by subtle design changes: to the front headlight and heatshields on the twin exhausts for instance.

Armie Hammer rode the Metisse Hammer during filming and was so impressed he now owns and rides one in the States. As with the Steve McQueen Desert racer, the Metisse Hammer will be produced in a limited batch of 300, with each motorcycle guaranteed for its exclusivity with a prized Certificate of Authentication.


Engine: Fully reconditioned original 650cc T6 Triumph
Transmission: Reconditioned original Triumph 4 speed
Carburettor: Amal single concentric carburettor type R930/23
Exhaust: Twin up-swept chrome pipes with bandaged heat shields
Frame: Brazed 4130 chrome moly tubular frame nickel plated
Swing arm: Brazed 4130 chrome moly tubular swing arm nickel plated
Front wheel rim & tyre: Chrome 21" wire spoke with Mitas 2.75 x 21" tyre
Front suspension: 35mm Ceriani forks with Ceriani yokes
Front brakes: 7" Triumph front brake drum
Rear wheel rim & tyre: Chrome 18" wire spoke rim with Mitas 4.5 x 18" tyre
Rear suspension: Twin Girling reproduction dampers & springs
Rear brakes: 7" BSA drum brake
Body Panels: 5 piece GRP body panel set in battleship grey gel coat.
Fuel tank: 8 litre GRP fuel tank in Battleship grey with epoxy resin internal coating
Ancillary Items: Chromed headlamp
Branding: Metisse Hammer fuel tank logo
Hand controls: Braced chrome handlebars
Foot controls: Flip back footpegs
Weight: 135 kg (Dry)
Wheelbase: 1450 mm
Length: 2000 mm
Width: 900 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Suspension Travel: Front = 190mm Rear = 100 mm
Seating option: Dual seat option with matching pillion footpegs
Metisse hammer MK3
Metisse hammer MK3


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